2024 Update on Environmental Product Declarations

2024 Update on Environmental Product Declarations: Optimization, LEED Contributions and More

May 8, 2024

Join SCS Global Services for an update on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). As the SCS EPD program celebrates ten years, we’ve seen the evolution of EPDs since they were first recognized in the LEED® in November of 2013.  Whether you are new to EPDs or already have EPDs, SCS experts will present the latest use cases and answer the questions we receive most often as an EPD program operator.

In this recording, SCS' Karen Righthand, VP of Corporate Marketing; Beth Cassese, EPD Program Manager and Keith Killpack, Technical Director of Environmental Certification Services discuss the following:

  • EPD Optimization: what is required and why you should consider optimizing
  • How EPDs contribute to LEED
  • What a PCR is and how to find them
  • Coupling EPD preparation with Product Carbon Footprints
  • Current regulatory use cases for EPDs
  • How to leverage EPDs