Feb 5, 2024

Human Health and Wellbeing

RESONATE is a series about identifying what resonates with your audience – your customers, consumers, your stakeholders, etc. While certifications are a part of your sustainability story, you will need relatable messaging to connect with your audience. Your sustainability story should include impacts that are meaningful to your customers. 

It’s been established in the research conducted by NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) and Edelman, that when your sustainability claims link to what consumers care most about, that’s when you best resonate with your audience.


Considering human health when talking about the sustainability of a product or service is critical. People are often the reason we become inspired to change our actions, and the health of a family member or child is often on the forefront of consumers' minds. 

Sustainable products and services have a direct impact on well-being, whether the actions are occurring at the manufacturing stage or on a farm. Unfair labor practices, exposure to harmful substances, and dangerous conditions can be reduced through choosing certified sustainable practices. Other benefits of ensuring sustainable practices include reducing exposure to pollution or harmful toxins, contributing to a healthy lifestyle, improved mental health, prevention of resource degradation specifically food and water and overall social responsibility we have to our communities. 

Linking these benefits to a circular economy and reduced carbon emissions contributes to less waste and environmental degradation. Waste and degraded environments in urban areas directly impacts people living in those spaces and affects their health and well-being. Human health and sustainability will always resonate with your audience, let us help you find your message. Some certifications directly contribute to human health and sustainability are listed below.

Key SCS services that exemplify positive impacts on human health and wellbeing:

HPDHealth Product Declaration

Fair Trade USA

lead safe paintLead Safe Paint

food safety certificationsFood safety certifications

food safety trainingFood safety training

indoor air qualityIndoor Air Quality


carbon offset verificationCarbon offset verification

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