ISCC EU Certification

Webinar Recording: ISCC EU Certification: Understanding Biofuel Lifecycle GHG Emissions based on Real-world Audits

Oct 19, 2023
In this webinar recording, Gustavo Bacchi, SCS’ Business Development Director and Miguel Ruiz, ISCC Responsible Biofuels Lead Auditor, provide an update on EU RED II biofuels and ISCC EU certification covering the following topics: • Market drivers and recent developments impacting EU RED II biofuels and ISCC EU certification • Explanation of the EU RED II methodology for GHG calculation at the different levels of the supply chain • Changes due to the EC implementing regulation 2022/996 (applicable as for 1st Jan 2024) • Processing emissions: common non-conformities that are uncovered during ISCC EU audits • Supply Chain Requirements: Understanding Sustainability Declaration obligations and forwarding the information