Case Study

Niro Ceramic Group

The Challenge

Global porcelain and ceramic tile company Niro Ceramic Group (NCG) sought out an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to better compete internationally with other flooring and finishing manufacturers. It was important to NCG to obtain an EPD to contribute to LEED® credits, which would give them an edge with architects and designers looking to specify products for LEED projects. Without the expertise of the intricacies of an EPD, they needed help communicating their EPD to stakeholders.

NCG wanted to publicly announce their achievement of publishing their verified EPD while fully explaining the technical data in a way that made sense for their customers. They also wanted to update their website to reflect that they had an EPD, with a landing page where people could learn more. They wanted help with creating accurate and insightful content. 

Additionally, they needed to train their global sales, marketing, and technical teams on what they achieved with their EPD. This would enable them to properly promote and sell the sustainability aspect of their products with an EPD, as well as keep their technical teams updated on sustainability efforts.



After Niro’s verified EPD was completed, SCS worked with NCG’s marketing team to develop a marketing campaign for the EPD announcement. SCS developed and designed marketing content for their announcement via a press release, for social media, their website, and training. For the website, we developed updates for their product pages with the EPD so that customers coming to their website could easily tell which products have EPDs. We created a Tile Talk blog that featured their EPD achievements that served as an effective marketing piece for both the green building industry and consumers. Lastly, SCS hosted a training session for the NCG team to help inform them on what an EPD is, how it impacts the green building industry, the details of their EPD, and key talking points for promoting their EPD.

Services Performed 

  • Sales Training – Trained 100+ people on their sales, marketing, and technical teams with a customized presentation from an SCS expert 
  • Website Content Edits – Created designed content for NCG’s “Environment” page and product pages to differentiate their products with an EPD 
  • Tile Talk Blog – content created with images and text for a feature article on their EPD
  • Paid Social Media – targeted social media campaign to key countries across Asia on LinkedIn
  • International Press Release Distribution – via a global sustainability newswire platform and an email to targeted journalists 
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