Case Study

The Future is Plant-Based

The Challenge

When SCS started working with PopSockets, they needed help showcasing their Carbon Neutral certified products to their clients by targeting audiences that cared about sustainability. They required assistance creating and delivering their brand story to showcase the benefits of Carbon Neutral certified products.
In addition, PopSockets needed content for their marketing campaign designed to share their sustainability achievement, capture leads and move them through their conversion funnel. They wanted to inform customers about what they achieved using accurate and easy-to-understand technical verbiage.

Carbon Neutral Certified


The solution that SCS and PopSockets identified was to reach their customer base and educate them about their Carbon Neutral Certification via a marketing campaign that included website updates, email and text messages blast, and social media. SCS helped create marketing content and design elements that fit PopSockets’ brand, and promoted their carbon neutral status in a way that made sense for their audience.

With graphic design and full content development, SCS created an email blast with an infographic that helped to break down what carbon neutral actually means. This was delivered via email to all customers. We also developed content and images for their text message campaign which provided a discount code as an incentive for customers. In addition, SCS provided graphics and content for a social media announcement, and also assisted with their press release. After launch of the press release, we amplified via our PR distribution channels, our website, social media channels and sustainability newswire platform as well. 

Services Performed

  • Social Posts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing 
  • SMS Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • PR Distribution
  • Technical Review
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PopSockets Website Text message Email Marketing PopSockets Website

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